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Hi, welcome to the bewifi testing family

Secure wifi sharing. Simple wifi connection. For free ! --- For all, bewifi is the mobile application that allows you to: - control access to your home private wifi (the card is private, it is visible only by your friends and you allow or deny access for each of them). - automatically connect to the wifi at your friends who use bewifi once they have authorized you. - connect to the wifi of the restaurants or bars present in bewifi (connection in 2 seconds since the card of the place in the app). - follow your favorite places to be aware of their news, their good plans and upcoming events. - publish memories when you are in a bewifi place (publications only visible to your friends). --- For Professionals, bewifi is finally a solution that allows you to share your wifi for free, simply and safely. With bewifi and in 2 minutes only: - create your place (public) and share your wifi with your customers. - your listing remains under your control and only you can publish news or content. - you will be visible to all bewifi users - when they go to your home they will connect to the wifi without asking you, free and safe. --- Join our community and help us connect the world ! More about our Mission on the bewifi website.

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